Leadership Foundations™

Develop foundational leadership skills through this four-week course. Equip yourself to lead teams, execute projects, and drive results. 

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About This Course

This four-week program is designed for new and emerging leaders (people managers and individual contributors) who want to build foundational leadership skills through hands-on experience. Participants will build skills across four different dimensions and apply them in a simulated business experience. Content includes:

  • Setting direction.

  • Developing people and conducting effective conversations. 

  • Working across functions and other boundaries. 

  • Thinking strategically.

Why This Course Is Best for Skill Development

The Leadership Foundations™ course enables new leaders to not only learn content and frameworks but also apply those ideas in a realistic business simulation setting before taking them back to the workplace. 

Learn Frameworks

Immediately applicable content is accessible in an engaging, fast-paced format. 

Pace Yourself
Each week is packed with new content and exercises. Tackle the learning at your own pace throughout the week. 
Apply Immediately
The content you learn in this course is immediately applied in a business simulation.
Network Efficiently
Your peers are here in this course with you. Learn from their challenges and experiences in weekly dialogue. 

Weekly Overview

Each week is structured similarly to help you grasp new frameworks, apply the skills you're building, and expand your professional network as you learn. 
  • Task 1

    Content & Frameworks

    60-90 Minutes

    Each week begins with foundational content, focusing on a specific leadership skill set. 

  • Task 2

    Weekly Discussion

    10-30 Minutes

    Collaborate, debate, and learn from your peers as you contribute to engaging discussions pertaining to that week's content.

  • Task 3

    Business Simulation

    50-75 Minutes

    Launch into a metaphorical world to apply skills in a realistic but safe environment. Form connections between your leadership decisions and business outcomes. 

  • Task 4

    Application & Reflection

    20-30 Minutes

    Apply your learning directly to your life and work. Pull the thread of learning through content, discussion, and the simulation to real life, all by using action plan templates and manager checkpoints.

Meet Your Instructors

karen headshot
Karen Maxwell Powell
Senior Facilitator
Karen Maxwell Powell
Senior Facilitator

Karen has twenty years of experience in consulting and business simulation development and has designed programs on organization change, leadership development, strategy formulation, and implementation and marketing. 

krista headshot
Krista Campbell
Krista Campbell

Krista is a Senior Associate Consultant who works on both program design and facilitation at Insight Experience. Krista specializes in Leadership Foundations programs for new managers and individual contributors. 

Bethany Bremer
Bethany Bremer

Bethany supports the design, development, and delivery of leadership development programs at Insight Experience. She is passionate about working with new leaders. 



$695.00 USD

— 20+ videos and articles, plus bonus content.

— Access to our proprietary Business Simulation to practice skills in real time.

—Business Simulation debriefs and reports that make the connection between leadership choices and business outcomes.

— 4 expertly moderated peer discussions. 

— Applications to your current and future work.

— Ongoing membership to an alumni network. 

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