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Interactions and Impact

Improving leadership interactions to drive business results

Interactions and Impact

Leadership happens through interactions. A leader’s ability to interact with employees, peers, customers, partners, and executives is fundamental to success.

Leadership style is often personal and distinctive, yet the most effective leaders do not rely on a single style to motivate their teams to achieve results. Instead, great leaders can adapt their leadership style to fit a given situation. While this concept is often understood, few leaders actually have had the opportunity to practice or receive feedback on their behaviors. Our Interactions and Impact approach teaches effective conversation, presence, and interaction skills and reinforces those skills with feedback from a business simulation to develop adaptable Balanced Leaders. Leaders not only build self-awareness and practice new skills, but they also see how those skills enable success back on the job.

What is Balancing Leadership™?


Excellence in Leadership Development

An Interactions and Impact program won a Brandon Hall Group Bronze medal for Excellence in Leadership Development: Best Unique or Innovative Leadership Development Program.

Our customized Interactions and Impacts experience, designed for the Federal Aviation Administration, reinforced the concepts of transformational leadership. The focus of the program was to build leaders’ skills to inspire, empower, coach, and role-model employees. These skills were essential to our client, who faced rapid technological and environmental changes in the constituents it served and the dramatic acceleration of the retirement of current leaders. This award-winning program was a two-day experience in which professional actors were brought in to embellish the learning and build on the underlying business simulation. The simulation was designed around a metaphor of a fictional government agency in order to make clear the feedback and connections to the real world.

Desired Outcomes

  • Understand how to incorporate strategic messaging.
  • Practice leading through questions.
  • Develop the ability to inspire, empower, coach, and role-model while doing the work (not in addition to doing it). 
  • Develop and maintain presence.
  • Build confidence to use these skills in unexpected moments and settings.

Target Audience

  • Leaders at all levels who need to enhance their effectiveness in small- and large-group settings.


  • Can be run in a program that runs from four hours to two days.
  • 8-100+ participants.

Reactions from Leaders

Observations and Comments from Participants

Powerful Experiences

Post-program surveys demonstrate high ROI

Participants share that their Interactions and Impact experience built skills, enhanced other learning experiences, and would be valuable for peers and executives.

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