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Global Leadership

Developing leadership and enterprise thinking capabilities

Global Leadership

Developing Global Leadership competencies helps organizations manage disruptive change and align leaders to take the company into tomorrow.

 At Insight Experience, we help leaders develop the capabilities to drive meaningful change across large corporations. In our experience, cohesive Global Leadership is as contingent on peer connection and collaboration as it is on skill building. As a result, we often design these experiences as learning journeys over time; with multiple touch-points, participants develop a shared language, work toward joint goals, and develop a sense of camaraderie and trust that carries far into the future.  This is critical as participants work together to take on the challenges of an organization undergoing disruptive change.  At the same time, we work with participants to deepen their individual leadership skills and self awareness.

While rooted in our award winning concept of Balanced Leadership™, our Global Leadership approach can be experienced through multiple learning channels, both offsite and at work. This flexibility in learning can be combined with real world examples and even directly woven into the work day, enabling effective transfer of insights into ongoing actions aligned with the strategy of the business and its business objectives.

brandon hall gold 2019

Excellence in Learning

A Global Leadership program received a Gold medal from the Brandon Hall Group for Excellence in Learning: Supporting a Change Transformation Business Strategy

The Global Executive Leadership program is a global development program created to support Ford’s transformational strategy as a mobility company. Every piece of the Global Executive Leadership program was tailored to fit Ford's needs, including our Organizational Leadership simulation, which was customized to the Ford context with technology and customer-driven disruption. A key component in the customization for the Global Executive Leadership program was extending the reach to the target audience while keeping the program within budget. 

Target Audience

Rising Mid-level Executives

Desired Outcomes 

  • Develop Self Awareness
  • Align to Company Strategy
  • Build Strategic Thinking Skills
  • Strengthen Business Acumen
  • Enhance Customer Centricity
  • Learn to Manage Disruptive Change
  • Build Peer Network and Cohort Identity


  • Learning Journey Over Time
  •  8-50 Participants
  • Multiple Touch Points Using Blended Learning

Key Learning Points 

Observations from FORD Program Leaders and Facilitators

Results: Better leaders faster

The impact of any program is dependent on an organization's ability to utilize it and roll it out.

Since its redesign, the GEL program has had a significant impact on the organization's leadership. Part of that impact has been an extended reach to rising leaders, greater value per attendee, and the lasting impact of these programs on the cohorts as a whole. 

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