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Supporting Rapid Growth in a Risk-Averse Environment

Insight Experience helps a leading global bio/pharmaceutical services company focus on business dynamics and operate more efficiently.


Favorable market dynamics, a solid reputation for quality, and an extremely committed and intelligent workforce were helping fuel double-digit revenue growth for a leading global bio/pharmaceutical services company providing clinical research services, including clinical trial execution. Yet, profits were relatively flat. Improved business savvy was needed, especially since the majority of employees were medical professionals and scientists accustomed to the zero tolerance environment of patient care. In order to grow both the top and bottom line, they needed to learn to evaluate risk so they could take the steps necessary to increase efficiency – all while maintaining the exceptionally high quality standards they were known for.

“Taught by experts who really understood our company and our business.” 
— Program Participant


Insight Experience (IE) began with a needs analysis and interviews across the organization that helped identify three major areas for improvement:

  1. Overall business acumen
  2. Decision making and accountability
  3. Risk assessment skills

Based on the results of the needs analysis, a three-day program was developed to give VPs and Senior Directors the skills to 1) better understand corporate strategy and 2) execute it effectively and profitably. An array of tailored teaching methods, including dynamic business simulations, group discussions, role-playing, peer coaching and case studies was used. IE’s Business Simulation provided a safe environment for participants to practice the skills they had learned, and allowed them to make everyday work life decisions with varying levels of risk. It also showed them the impact their decisions had on business results.


Extensive real-world business experience helped the IE team provide a powerful shared learning experience embraced by all participants. Already committed to follow-on programs, the company is now applying the lessons learned – communicating across the organization, aligning decisions with strategic goals, applying metrics to measure progress against those goals and evaluating risk more effectively.

“A great course that has significantly improved my effectiveness already!”
— Program Participant