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Developing Leaders Who Can Execute Strategy To Deliver Results

Insight Experience helps a leading financial services organization develop their leaders to better translate and execute corporate strategy at the local level.


A global financial services organization with a complex business structure and operating silos of functions and product organizations needed to accelerate their execution of corporate strategies to stay competitive in an increasingly diversified marketplace. Many mid-level leaders have deep functional expertise and long tenure in their organizations but limited understanding and connection to the broader direction for the business and the pace of market change. Leaders needed to improve their strategic understanding, and develop the skills necessary to more effectively prioritize workload and manage their teams. In addition, the business needed to build a pipeline of leaders who could operate across organizational boundaries to drive strategic priorities and new directions.

“The simulation allowed us to apply what was covered in the course in addition to relying on our current job experience.”
— Program Participant


Insight Experience (IE) developed a three-day program that challenges participants to practice and apply the skills of strategy translation and execution. The foundation of the course is a business simulation which requires participants to lead a functional organization in support of the corporate objectives. Through the program the participants learn and practice leadership skills to better:

  1. Set clear goals and priorities and inspire and motivate their teams
  2. Plan and execute the work, by delivering on day-to-day challenges and strengthening key processes
  3. Lead by example and communicate effectively in both proactive and reactive situations
  4. Manage talent and develop their organizations to support the strategic future for the business
  5. Respond and adapt to both internal and external change

The learning experience includes a broad mix of tailored teaching methods, including a dynamic business simulation, group discussions, role-playing, peer coaching and case studies. The business simulation provides a complex context to practice the skills they have learned and reflect on the parallels to their everyday work life.


This Insight Experience solution has been run for over 2,000 leaders in the organization. In a comprehensive post-program evaluation of the ROI, 95% of the respondents stated that they applied what they learned in the course to their challenges on the job and 92% indicated that participating in the session had increased their job performance. 

“The simulation gave us an opportunity to evaluate immediately how our decisions and actions may impact overall productivity and project results.”
— Program Participant