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Building Strategic Agility and Business Acumen in Emerging Leaders

Insight Experience partners to accelerate the development of high potential emerging leaders at a leading global infrastructure and technology company.


A highly respected diversified global industrial, capital and services business has re-focused the organization to become the world’s leading global infrastructure and technology company. To lead in the new industrial age requires the ability to both innovate and simplify, creating value in a complex, volatile world. The CEO believes that general management skills are no longer sufficient for the organization’s next generation of leaders; they must begin with deep domain expertise to provide context for more informed decision making and risk taking. From this base they must build broader perspective and skills to lead effectively.


Insight Experience (IE) partnered to develop a highly interactive two day workshop integrated into a week-long forum that forms the core of a larger multi-element cohort-based learning experience for emerging global leaders. The business simulation-based workshop incorporates strategic thinking and business acumen in the context of leading a complex business. In the role of General Manager of a global technology business, participants must make management and leadership decisions to formulate, translate and execute strategy over time in a volatile and complex competitive environment. The experience highlights strategic agility and business acumen, while emphasizing the importance of people leadership in execution.

Key areas of learning include:

  • Integrating customer and internal operating value chains to deliver results
  • Understanding and managing multiple dimensions of risk in decision making
  • Formulating, delivering, defending and implementing a business case
  • Integrating people leadership with strategic and operational implementation 

The workshop is fast-paced, and includes a robust mix of learning methodologies, including a rich business simulation, interactive small and large group discussions, role-based presentations and interactions, and individual and team feedback. The simulation provides a complex context to practice the skills they have learned and reflect on the parallels to their challenges at work.

“I have been through many simulation experiences, but nothing as rich as this: the integration of the business decisions with the organization and people-leadership dimensions is unique and makes the experience much more like the real world: fantastic!”
— Program Participant

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